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Side Channel Blowers

CBSC series side channel blower feature CE, CCC approved motors with a voltage range of 50 Hz and 60 Hz and with IP55 protection (insulation class F). This makes them the ideal solution for worldwide use. They can be used without any modifications or test in Europe and Asia. We have a large stock which is available for your requirements any time.

CBSC series Operating Principle

The impellers in the CBSC series machines are mounted directly on the motor shaft for non contact compression entirely free of friction. Maximum operational reliability, even at high differential pressures. This is ensured by the arrangement of the bearings outside the compression chamber.
The gas is taken in through the inlet. The impeller forces the gas in the rotation direction when the gas enters the side channel. Meanwhile, centrifugal force in the rotating impeller accelerates the gas outward and pressure increases. As the impellers continue to rotating, the kinetic energy of the gas increases, resulting in further increases in air pressure along the side channel. The side channel becomes narrower at the outlet, and the compressed gas is swept out to the impeller and discharged from the side channel blower.


CBSC series

This model allows an inlet volume flow of up to 2.500 m3/h and a differential pressure of up to 780 mbar. The low noise, high reliability and low maintenance of this product makes it highly suitable for any kind of application.
These models can be used with a variable frequency drive in order to adjust the flow and the pressure to your exact needs. Significant energy saving can thereby be made.


CBSC + series

Our revolutionary 4 CBSC + blower can create pressure difference of up to 1.000 mbar - more than the side channel blower. This low noise blower can be used in very demanding applications where higher pressure / vacuum is needed. The design of the CBSC + allows the blowers to run for up to 20.000 hours without maintenance.

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